Making your Filipino Girl Smile

What does it take to make a person smile? How to make every filipino girl smile?
Contrary to popular belief, many people think that making filipinos smile is hard. But the reality is, Filipino girls and filipino people in general are friendly people. With that being said, here are the top 5 tips to make a filipino girl smile:

  1. Give her a present… It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, giving her a present that she really like will make her feel special.
  2. Tell her a joke… By telling a joke, she will appreciate your sense of humor. Do not worry about telling a bad joke, because most filipinos laugh even though the joke is somewhat corny. The goal is to make her smile and make her feel she can trust you.
  3. Treat her for dinner… Yes you heard me right, treating a girl for dinner will not only make her feel feminine, but also she will feel secure and entitled. She will feel happier and much more relaxed spending time with you.
  4. Suprise her! You could simply suprise her with something, Either something she really loves, or something that she really value.
  5. Seduce her! By making her feel good, she will definitely smile and release some tension. She will be glad because you are doing your part as a man.

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Dating a Single Filipina / Filipino Girl

Have you ever wondered why is it so easy to talk to a filipino or filipina girl?
It is because, they are smart, friendly, and most of them are humble. Filipinos are easy going people and they love to socialize often.

That being said, Here are few of the tips and tricks to nail your date with a filipino or a filipina girl.

  1. Always Be Honest – There is a saying which says “The Truth will set you free.” Being Honest all the time, will lead you to many opportunities in life. Becoming truthful and genuine, will make the people you hangout with or date with believe in you wholeheartedly. Staying Honest will massively make your life better and more fruitful. No matter what consequences you might face, Just remain Honest and truthful.
  2. Become Social Friendly – By adapting a mindset of abundance, you are always in control of your self and your life. By being social friendly, you are easily to be friends with and also, you can make deep emotional connection to the girl that you are dating with.
  3. Always be positive- No matter what happens in life, staying positive will make your life even better. When you are dating, always keep things positive. The more positive vibes you share with each other, the stronger you will become

5 Secret Tips for Filipinos – Big Beautiful Women Dating

It is hard to date when you are a plus-size woman. The reason is obvious: fear of fat bodies hinders any interaction between the big woman and her potential partner. This sometimes leads to fat women denigrating themselves. That being said, being a fat filipino might be a

In addition to this, there is a little or no help available on this topic for fat women, which makes things even more difficult.

It seems impossible now for a fat woman to be dating a handsome and smart man. However, seeming impossible does not mean it is. We have five tips for big beautiful woman dating which will give her confidence, a vision for what she wants, and the tools that will assist her to find a partner who does not exploits but loves and respects her body.

Here are five tips for dating and finding true love:

  • Practice self-love

Always be who you are and own it. Remember that love comes in all shapes and sizes, so be proud of what you have. Practicing self-love is the greatest magnet, which will attract the most suitable partner for you.

  • Do not overthink and assume things

Do not assume anyone’s attention. Give him a chance and believe that the right man will be proud to be seen with you.

  • Use positive language about yourself

If you want others to appreciate your curves, you have to appreciate them first. Be bold and embrace your body. It will give you positive energy.

  • Accept that rejection is unavoidable

It is a fact people get rejected every day. Even the most beautiful ones as well because every one of us has a preference. So, rejection should never stop you giving yourself a chance.

  • Never Settle

Do not lower your value, that is just unacceptable. You truly deserve a loving, healthy and long relationship just like any other girl. You deserve respect, admiration and esteem.

So, if you are big and a beautiful Filipino, be you and own every curve. They will prove the best way to attract your real love and life partner.


Best Filipino Big Beautiful Women Dating Secrets Revealed

Best Filipino Big Beautiful Women Dating Secrets Revealed

Looking back through art and sculptures, we see images of curvier women. In the ancient and medieval eras, Filipinos who are big beautiful women were sought after and viewed as beautiful, ideal women. Big size women were the models of true beauty.

Now in the 21st century too, society has become more open and accepting when deciding who to date. This has made curvy women famous for their beauty. Today, it is much more acceptable to deviate from the norm when it comes to dating.

Here are some top secrets of dating big beautiful women:

1- Hugs

Hugging a lady with curves is much nicer than to a thinner woman. Bigger ladies have bodies that are made for hugging. You will certainly feel comfortable in the arms of a big beautiful lady.


Larger ladies are much more voluptuous than thinner ladies. Add to this the fact that in urban areas thinner woman pay thousands of dollars for implants to become more voluptuous like big beautiful women are naturally.

3-Meals and eating

Big beautiful women are not calorie conscious. You can go out and enjoy any meal and in any restaurant.

4-Acceptance of your flaws

In dating, big women understand that everyone has flaws. Filipinos are understandable and can easily detect you from being a genuine person. When you look beyond the size in dating, many more opportunities are presented.

5- open body language

This is the most attractive secret. Big beautiful women have confidence that thinner women cannot have. She understands and accepts her flaws and is more accepting and open to you as well. This is attractive.

These are some of our secrets in dating a Filipino big beautiful woman, which you must consider while going on a date.



Why are Filipinos so attractive and alluring?

Why are Filipinos so attractive and alluring? Have you ever wondered this before?

There is always something special on every Filipino, Whether it is their stunning looks, gorgeous body, irresistible smile and of-course their welcoming attitude. Be that as it may, what makes every single filipino so attractive and alluring to other people?

  • The Mystery of Proximity- Have you ever wondered why we are always attracted to people who we talk too every time? Its because we are programmed to be attracted to people who are close to us. Furthermore, Mere exposure to someone makes us more attracted to them. If you are constantly chatting a filipina girl, then there is a high chance that you will be attracted to that filipina.
  • Filipinos are attractive because they look healthy and fertile- We are always attracted to fit people. And most filipinos in general are fit and thin. Only Few filipinos are chubby and big. Being Fit and fertile indicates a healthy lifestyle and a healthy individual. The secret of filipinos is they are always on a diet. Furthermore, most filipinos don’t eat a lot of food to make themselves fit, and looking sexy. Most Filipinos are doing their daily exercise as well. Before they go to work or do their daily tasks, they will save some time to exercise. It can be by doing a 20 minutes jogging or by doing yoga. Whether we Like it or not, people are more attractive to people who look healthy and who look like they can reproduce. Face symmetry and hip ratio is also important when someone is attractive or not. Most Filipinos have symmetrical faces and have great body and hip ratio.
  • Our Parents, Families or Environment, makes a huge impact on who we find as attractive. Whether you watch movies about Asian People, or you have a lot of friends or members in your family that dates Filipino people, Then you will likely be more attracted to them. Be that as it may, most Filipinos are in the news and in the TV. One of which is the Miss Universe 2018, which is Catriona Gray. She is a Filipino and because of her exposure. There is a high chance that all of the viewers will think that Filipinos are attractive people. This is a huge fact and scientifically proven. There are a lot of Filipinos who have Joined Pageants and won their titles.
  • Filipinos have the best personality- Filipinos are kind, chill , loving, caring, understanding, polite and happy individuals. They always care for you and show some love or support to whatever you want in life. They are extremely polite people and always welcome new people in their lives. They are easy to be friends with and they are mostly humble. This makes filipinos attractive, they make themselves vulnerable and they can engage and create rapport easily, making you fall for them.
  • Filipinos project a good mother type of example. Most filipinos are extremely caring and loving. They will make you feel like they are extremely ready to have kids. They are unlike other people who are just focusing on themselves. Most filipinos always ask you questions, to get to know you better and potentially spend the rest of their lives with you. They are thinking of their future and they are always thinking of new possibilities to provide help and support emotionally to their partner.
  • Filipinos are smart- Most filipinos understands basic math and they can communicate in English extremely well. They have basic education and they clearly understand simple logic. In short, Filipinos are not dumb. They might be filipinos who are financially in trouble but most filipinos dont let their education be affected by their means. That is why a lot of foreigners date Filipino Girls, because they are not dumb.
  • Filipinos are extremely positive- Being Positive in Life makes you more attractive. It sends a signal that you are okay with no matter what in life. You are ready for every worst circumstance that could potentially happen. Being Positive is also associated with being carefree and being a happy go lucky person. Its all about not being negative and always seeing the bright side of the other person. When Filipinos meet new people, they are positive that they will be in a good first impression and they will potentially land that date because they think they are good enough for their partner.

Now that you’ve learned on what makes Filipinos alluring and so attractive, Then its time to know the best place to meet and chat Filipino girls. Presenting one of the best Filipino Dating Sites in the world.  

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Things to do when dating a Filipino

Secrets to land that perfect date with a filipino  / Things to do when dating a Filipino

Whenever you’re dating any person you would want to do special things for them sometimes like giving them flowers or surprising them with a gift etc. These habits not only strengthen the bond between the couples, but it also brings a lot of joy for them. Always remember this things to do when dating a filipino

Dating a Filipino is no exception from this rule. Filipinos are very grateful and gracious and they love when their loved ones do something special for them. So here is a list of few things every Filipino whether a girl or a boy loves to see from their significant other.

  • Buy’em gifts

          Filipinas love gifts. They don’t need to be super expensive or fancy. Simple gifts like flowers or chocolates will do. They appreciate whatever you bought for them. You can’t imagine how Filipinas love chocolates. Unlike flowers, chocolates can be enjoyed by the entire family. Most Filipinas happily accept gifts.


  • Family first

Unlike many other countries, the family is the first concern in the Philippines. Understand if you date a Filipina, you will essentially be dating her family. A large number of things that are done in the Philippines are done for the family. This includes things like sending nephews and nieces to school, sending money to a cousin in the province to help to buy a house, or a hundred other different things. So when you are dating a Filipina realize that you will be spending money on their family. One of the best things to learn at the beginning of a relationship, especially if you get married, is setting a hard budget for how much money you give their family. Meeting a Filipinas family though does not mean that you’re going to get married, but they do want to see you know that you’re a good guy.


  • Show respect

          Just show Filipinos respect in every aspect of their lives whether it’s their family, feelings, religion or culture. Many of the girls you will date will be highly religious and go to church every week. Be respectful of this and it will keep you in good standing with their family. The Philippines ‘ culture is very different from Western culture. Some things may not seem to make any sense at all, but regardless if they make sense or not, you must respect them. The Filipinos are very proud of their culture. So do not make fun of it and respect it, it will take you a very long way.


  • Be a gentleman

          This is a piece of common-sense advice. This works anywhere in the world where you date somebody. Be a gentleman. If you do not know what it means to be a gentleman, look it up online. It means you are always respectful and polite to everyone. You do not take advantage or pressure anyone into doing something they do not wish to do. If you are dating for a future relationship, such as marriage, then being a gentleman is very important.


  • Keep things simple

Filipinas by nature are hard to get. You need to take a lot more effort than you normally would. Sometimes you might overdo things which you shouldn’t do. So our advice is to keep everything simple and don’t over complicate things unnecessarily.


  • Have patience

Be level-headed and allow time for your sweetheart to get to grips with your language. Remember not to speak too fast and don’t use difficult unusual words. As the relationship progresses, so will the level of conversation. These girls are bright and intelligent, and will soon get the hang of what you’re saying.


  • Make her feel good

Filipino woman are like beautiful princesses so treat them like one. Life in their country can be pretty tough, and therefore tiring. Treat your gorgeous woman right, surround her with love, and share her happiness and her smile. Trust me you will not regret it in any way.

So that’s it. It’s extremely valuable for you to learn the secrets and tips on how to land that perfect date with a Filipino or Filipina.

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Why should you date a Filipino Girl? Filipino Dating Site Tips

Dating a Filipino Girl or meeting someone on a Filipino dating site or Filipino dating app would be unusual. Here are some tips on why dating a filipino or Filipina is extremely fun.

Before you meet a girl on a filipino dating site, Remember, Every woman has her own personality traits and qualities which makes her special. You might often times wonder why you should date a Filipino girl and what are some of the unique qualities of Filipino woman? So we created a list of our favorite qualities of Filipino woman we think you will love to know about.


  • Natural Elegance: Woman from the Philippines have a beautiful elegance that surrounds them. Filipino females are soft spoken, calm and understanding. Filipinas walk in a beautiful distinct manner.


  • Stunning attractiveness: Filipino ladies have about their side is their stunning attractiveness. These individuals constantly stand out in a crowd and possibly a considered the supreme Asian a lot of women in terms of femininity and disposition. They will are considered an all natural splendor and possess Spanish ad Oriental characteristics in their blood.


  • Very generous: Filipinas are generous woman. Even when they have very little, they always share with those around them. The caring as well as supportive nature of the Filipinas is extremely crystal clear to see. Filipinas would likely in no way forego a young child or a fellow member of your family in need.


  • Incredibly supportive: Filipino females are understanding and extremely patient. Most Filipina girls certainly not take part in a dispute or argument because that sort of behavior doesn’t reflect a lady. Filipino females are taught to speak politely, with a gentle tone of voice. Arguing will never be acceptable, particularly in public.


  • Excellent home producers: Filipina a lot of women are excellent home producers along with are compelled to a liability as a good wife. Filipino females display their home in a symbol of pride along with they do their best to create a warm and nurturing environment for their household.


  • Commitment: You will love how focused Filipinas are on their families. Family is always first. They will do anything to make the marriage work, to raise the kids well, and to keep family relationships strong.


  • Very friendly: Filipinas are extremely friendly and approachable by nature. They have an innocence and openness that is so refreshing to foreign men. They are loving, and value the relationship, always staying faithful to their partners. They love deeply and sincerely.


  •  Respect: Filipinas respect the man they love. She is also respectful to her elders.


  • Bright and Joyful personality: Filipina women have the most bright personality among Western and Asian women across the world.


  • Very strong personality: Filipinas are very responsible and they take every task with sincerity. She meets all the family needs and ensures everyone is living a comfortable and contented life. For her, nothing else is important than welfare of loved ones, which is why she never thinks twice before going the extra miles for them.


  •  Strong Family Ties and Religions: Yes Filipinos value their families so much that they tend to keep families intact through the generations. They go to church and pray together because their religion is important and creates a strong bond, marking God as the center of their lives.


  • Thoughtful: The Filipina will always remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions you can possibly mark on your calendar, and will always go out of her way to get you a gift, no matter how small.


  • They are smart and clever: Filipinas aren’t just beautiful they are a great combination of smart and clever. Filipino women are born intelligent and well-versed, and intellectually competent. They can easily adapt to certain changes, emotions, situations and can handle tough decisions in family and relationships.

How to Meet Single Filipinos? Filipino dating site

Tips on Filipino Dating Site. How to meet single filipinos?

Whether you are a man or a woman finding a perfect life partner has always been a task. We all make specific preferences and priorities when it comes to choosing a life partner. So, being a man you can always consider a gorgeous Filipino woman to build a beautiful relationship of marriage with her. Each Filipino dating site will let you talk and meet different kinds of filipinos, and by reading this blog, you already have an advantage.

That is why the Philippines could turn out to be the best place to fulfill your dreams. If you are ready to start your family with a woman who is well-educated, beautiful, open-minded, and at the same time a family-oriented woman, then a visit to the Philippines is a must.


The Filipina girls are mostly preferred by western men to start a life with them. This union allows you to cherish the customs of a woman of different a country altogether. So, all you need is to meet single Philippines to get success in your decision. And marrying a Filipina woman is always a good choice you can make.


More About Filipina / Filipino Singles in the Philippines

Well, there are many reasons that prove a Filipina girl is a perfect match for you. Moreover, they are also considered as the best wives for a number of reasons. Have a look!

  • The fine character personality traits of a Filipina woman easily impresses almost any other western man. Their upbringing has been done in such an environment that they understand the true meaning of love, respect, and care. Due to this they are family oriented and show decency and respect towards every member of the family.
  • Filipino girls are educated and at the same time are career oriented. However, they are well aware of their priorities so for them, family comes first. They understand the importance of a life partner, family, and children. This is because they choose family over anything be it career or other leisure. They have their own definition of success in life and it all revolves around their families and their happiness.


  • These girls also have a low maintenance lifestyle. This is one of the best reasons to marry a Philippine girl. These girls are down to earth and are not spoilt. They do not believe in a high standard of life. And that is why these girls are adjustable and make a perfect life partner for anyone. A Filipino beauty is never demanding. They don’t want a man to spend huge bucks to fulfill their desires. So, having a low maintenance wife is everything that one needs to begin a fulfilling life together.


  • The most common personality traits of a Filipina girl include sweet in nature, little shy, mannered, and quite romantic. They don’t need anything to impress a man as their patience, generosity, manners, empathy are simply enough to make you fall in love with them. These girls do not prefer to go to nightclubs with strangers. As they have decent moral values.

  • The beauty of a Filipina woman is just inexpressible. They are often called as exotic Asian beauties. Philippine has numerous immigrants from China, Spain, Vietnam, and some other countries a few decades ago. That is why the beauty of girls there if just mesmerizing. So, if you plan to meet single Philippines then get ready to give your eyes a visual treat for a lifetime.


Dating a Filipina Girl

Well, different people have different opinions about dating a western girl. It has its own pros and cons, so it is only you who has to decide if you really want to get married to them. A Western girl would show her needs and demands while a Filipino girl always finds the true meaning of success in the happiness of their family. So, if you get married to a Filipina girl, then you don’t have to worry about anything bad. This is because these girls are very understanding. A Filipino woman is extremely gentle, caring, loving, adjustable, and respectful. They will never make you feel bad and guilty about anything.


These girls are generally very positive and try motivate each and everyone with their kind words. They know the significance of romance in a relationship as well. So, if you are the one who loves romantic stories then you can surely make your own romantic story possible with a Philippine girl.


Main Things to Remember to Marry a Filipina Woman in the Philippines

  • We know that the Philippines is a Catholic country. So, it is important to note here that religion is of great priority to the Philippines. Since they are Catholics so there would not be any problem with their customs and rituals. The men of especially the United States or Europe can easily build a beautiful bond with them. If you met on a filipino dating site, then you could possibly meet and date in person and potentially marry in the future when you have a good chemistry


  • A Filipina woman is very honest and expects the same from her husband. So, if you are a womanizer or playboy, then just stay away. This is because women try to avoid such men who seem to break their hearts. The Filipina girls are proud of their nation and you should take full responsibility for them if you are marrying them.


  • These girls are family-oriented and they have family values too. So, your Philippine wife will never ignore her relatives and also expect her husband to be equally supportive towards her family.


So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to meet single Philippines and build a relationship with them. You can take the help of websites for finding the best match for you. There are several dating websites available for your help. You can also make a visit to this amazing country to find the best girl for you. This way you can also get an idea about their food, customs, and other traditions.


Filipina women are ready to marry a good man from Western countries. Now, it’s up to you to reach them in order to start a life together. Always remember that dating a Philippine instead of a Western woman will definitely bring you true happiness. So, build a deep and healthy relationship for a lifetime with your perfect Philippine girl.

Best Way to Date a Filipino Women

The secrets and Best way to date a Filipino Women

  • Before we tell you the secrets and the best way to date beautiful filipino women, Remember all Women are beautiful, and there is no denying that there are different ways to the heart of every woman. Filipino women are extremely hot, most of them have a pleasing personality that charms most guys.


  • Talking about the Filipino women, it can be a lot different as there are some unchanging things these beautiful women are quite cautious about. For the people of Asia and specifically, for the Philippines, these are some of the usual things.


  • But for people from other continents, these things can be a little off to the beat, and they might get confused over them.
  • But if one is seriously interested in a Filipino woman, you must, here are some of the tips that you must follow when getting into a relationship with a beautiful and hot Filipino woman:


  • Respect Their Religious Beliefs: People of Filipino are deeply connected to their religion. Most of them are believers of Christianity and they take their religion very seriously. So if you are getting connected to a Filipino woman, you must be open for their religious beliefs and respect them for that.


  • Filipino Women are Family-oriented: Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend is more into talking about her family. Most of the women from Filipino are extremely connected to their family and love to be with them. So it is quite possible that she may ask you to meet her family at least once while you are dating.
  • Whenever you go to meet her family, you need to be good and kind to them, as it can never work between you and her if you do not take her family like yours. 
  • Be a Gentleman: This is not for the women from the Filippino, but all over the world, you must act like a gentleman to the girl you are dating. Women majorly admire those men who have their etiquettes sorted and treat their women like a lady.
  • Being a gentleman can be referred to using the right words while speaking, holding doors and pulling chairs for them, being hygienic, as well as complimenting her whenever they get a chance to.


  • Be Attentive: Most of the Philipino women are independent and confident. They like the men who are attentive to what they say. So being attentive is what you need to do to impress a Filipino woman. They also like men who are honest about their feelings, so keep your heart open when you are with them.


  • Try to Learn their Dialect: It would really show your efforts if you try to learn their dialect. Since the Philipino women are very connected to their roots, they would love it if you will be trying to adapt to her culture.
  • You do not have to learn the whole language, but small sentences like ‘I like you’ or ‘thank you’ in their language will really get you some brownie points. 


  • Good Sense of Humour: Like any other women, Filipino women are also easily drawn towards a man who has got a good sense of humour. So if you have that talent in you, don’t be afraid to show it to your girl and make her laugh.


  • Filipino Women are Hard to Get: If you are really attracted to Filipino woman, you must be ready to put some extra effort to make it work out between you two, these women rarely date a guy from other cultures.
  • So it will take a lot of thinking for them about choosing you and a lot of effort from your side to make her mind to choose you.


  • Generosity is the Key: If you are dating a Filipino woman, you must be generous enough to fulfil little demands of your lady, like a sudden urge for a teddy bear, flowers, or chocolates, etc.


  • There is nothing like splitting the bills in Filipino dating culture. So keep your pockets always full. Also, it wouldA be really great if you take little gifts for her family whenever you visit them.


  • Filipino Women are Conservative: Filipino women are really conservative about being intimate with their partners. So no touching and kissing on the first date.
  • Most of the Filipino women you will find would talk about saving themselves for their wedding. Even if you try hard to convince them, there will be rarely any progress, as they really respect their culture and values. So if you can deal with that, you drop the idea to date them.


While these are some of the things that you should opt for while dating a Philipino woman, you must avoid doing the following things that may annoy your date:


  1. Your entire focus must be your lady. You can’t comment or praise her friend in front of her. It will completely turn off her. So, no praising your date’s friends.
  2. It is normal to call your girlfriend’s parents by their names in the UK or the US, but you cannot call Filipino parents by their names. This is also applicable to every other parent from Asia. So be careful about that.
  3. Filipino women are never interested in politics, so it won’t be a good idea to talk about politics in front of them. This can annoy them and make them bored.
  4. Even though you are not a religious person, you must not raise questions about her religious beliefs. So if you can’t say any good things about their religion, try not to say anything bad about it as well. 
  5. Filipino people love food, and if you visit their home to meet your girlfriend’s parents, you must not refuse the food. You might be surprised by seeing the mountain of food at their place. But this is their way to show love. Filipino women take over two days to prepare special food for their guests. So better to eat and praise their efforts.


All in all Filipino women are really conservative and have their own beliefs. They admire men who are respectful and give women their space.

Merging to a new culture would be difficult for you, but if you really like a Filipino, it will be worth your efforts as these women are known for their loyalty and care for their partners.

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